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  • Tuesday 13th June

Bryn Stephens from Alliance Wines - 8 wines from Iona, a South African producer 

  • Tuesday 11th July

Summer Barbecue

  • August 

Summer break

  • Tuesday 12th September

Cambridge Wines hope to be exploring Italian regional wines

  • Tuesday 10th October 


  • Tuesday 14th November 


  • Tuesday 12th December 

Christmas tasting

Club Member, Hazel Tattersall, won the Gourmand World Award for Best Wine Book for Professionals.

Wine Club stalwart, Hazel Tattersall, has co-authored with Keith Grainger, the hugely impressive book, Wine Production and Quality.  This much extended second edition has received the prestigious Gourmand World Award for best wine education book for professionals.  Hazel traveled to the awards ceremony in China to receive the award.  Congratulation to Hazel and Keith.  Hazel is one of fewer than 100 members of the Association of Wine Educators and, as well as writing about wine, runs wine courses and tutored tastings for professional and consumer groups and corporate events.  

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